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Pastel Painting 

Pastel Painting with Jen  

Instant Access Class  |  Self-paced  |  Downloadable videos  |  Lifetime access

Join me in this colorful and expressive pastel-portrait class. Discover innovative, fool-proof ways to view and create color, value and beautiful texture using a limited palette.


Course Takeaways:

Discover a variety of techniques for adding, removing, blending and layering soft pastels


Learn how to simplify values in your reference photo using the "see value" or "value study" app


Gain a broader understanding of color theory as it relates to value, balance and temperature in your work


Realize your creative voice as you express emotion and "energy" in your work through mark-making



IMG_4857 2

IMG_4857 2



Frequently Asked Questions

Get ready to paint, play, color and create bold portraits with soft pastels and a few household goodies you probably have on hand ;)   

Supply List

  • Sennelier Demi Pastels in the following numbers: 168   310    127    732    409   134    763    365    406

  • Mungyo Gallery Handmade Pastels are an affordable substitute for Sennelier 

  • Canson or Strathmore Pastel Paper 

  • Black and white charcoal pencils 

  • Eraser

  • Q-tips

  • Natural and 6synthetic paint brushes for blending and removing pastels 

  • Hand wipes and cloth for cleaning fingers

  • Pastel Fixative for finished work 

  • Copyright-free reference photo 

  • See Value app for simplifying values (lights and darks)  in your reference photo. You can also squint your eyes when looking at the photo to simplify the values. 

*Please be aware that the dust from soft pastels can be toxic to inhale. Refrain from blowing on the applied pastels by tapping off the excess powder/dust  into a waste bin and/or wear a dust mask to protect yourself.

Pastel Painting with Jen 

Hi I'm Jen 

In this course, you will find tips, techniques and step-by-step lessons to grow your skills, confidence and creative style for painting soft pastel portraits.

 I'm so happy to share my creative passion with you. Let's go!


Jen is an artist I admire and a friend I've turned to for guidance in expressive art. I've thoroughly enjoyed Jen's comfortable and free flowing classes. 

Mina Hernandez, Caregiver 


Creative Freedom Awaits!

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