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Art with Me!
Let's connect, create and cultivate our inner artists together online :)


This "Art with Me" mini-class is all about exploring fun and freeing techniques for painting bold and colorful elephants. If you've always wanted to paint one of these magical, massive beauties, this mini paint experience is for you!

In this 1.5 hour video mini-lesson, I share lots of juicy tips about my art materials, process and techniques for painting an elephant from a reference/ using acrylic paints.

The Zoom replay lesson is self-paced and downloadable with lifetime access so you can watch and paint at your leisure :)

Let's Paint Ellies

Let's Paint Ellies

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  • An 8x8 or larger canvas, canvas board or mixed-media paper

  • Acrylic paints in your favorite colors. I'll be using Golden Fluid Acrylics in the primary colors along with Magenta and Teal and some Titanium White

  • Brushes in a variety of sizes

  • Paul Reubens Oil Pastels in a variety of colors 

Tips & Takeaways
  • For brighter colors, when you're adding warm colors (red, orange, yellow) and cool colors (blue, green, purple) at the same time try to keep them separate when they are wet or you'll get a muddy or neutral colors.  

  • I usually add bits of all of the colors I'm using around the entire painting to "harmonize" the color palette

  • Take a picture of your art and look at it from a different perspective if you're getting stuck. A fresh perspective helps us see things we would have misses otherwise.

  • Above all, please remember that you are taking time out to be present with yourself and to learn something new, whether you create a masterpiece or a perceived  "disasterpiece"'re growing in new and wonderful ways! 


Art with Me live art classes are playful, real-time art lessons designed to encourage creative expression and inspire people to practice, play, share inspiration and grow together through art making. The lessons are fun and simple enough for anyone to follow along! 

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