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Hey there!


I'm Jen.

I'm so happy you're here!

I’m a colorful,So Cal Artist, Creative Coach and Educator. Through my creations, classes and workshops I strive to provide opportunities for personal development, honest expression and just plan joy.




A bit about me...

I’ve been making art, both hangable and wearable, since I can remember. Over the years I’ve painted everything from ceilings to guitar picks to my now favorite boots. I used to tease my kids that if they sat still long enough, they’d be covered in paint too…truth!

I fell in love with expressive painting back in 2014 when I took an online painting course. Once I put the brush to canvas, I couldn’t stop! Painting is like a portal to endless possibilities. I feel alive and free when I’m slinging paint in my studio!  People are my favorite subjects. I feel deeply connected to humanity when I’m pursuing the essence of another human being in a piece; it's often a spiritual experience for me.

People often refer to my style as abstract expressionism or impressionistic and often packs a punch. I like to use bold colors and spontaneous brushwork which gives my paintings a free and palpable energy. I draw inspiration for my paintings from the people, places, music, majesty and madness in life that moves me.

My strong belief in the healing and wellness benefits of the arts led me to pursue educational training in Expressive Arts Therapy as a certified Coach in 2019. It makes my heart happy to help others experience freedom, connection, wellness and joy through the arts.

xo Jen




Sharing creative joy.

I feel so lucky to get to share my passion for people and creativity since I opened my cozy little studio back in 2014. Over the years I've enjoyed teaching art to children and adults of all ages and abilities inside classrooms, studios and online, which has provided me opportunities to create with people from all over the world. There's nothing quite like witnessing another discover something new or surprising about themselves through art making...what an honor and a joy!


"Jen's art always makes me feel really speaks to people." 

Crystal Schneck McFarlin, Founder of Pretty Paints



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