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Let's Get Creative

I create classes that are for everyone - whether you're a seasoned artist or you've yet to discover your creative mojo, I've designed my classes with you in mind! I love sharing all the tips and tricks I've gathered over the years so that you can find YOUR creative voice, gain new tools for your artsy tool-kit and have FUN in the process. Guiding others to self-discovery and freedom through art is my joy and my jam ;)

What people are saying...

“Working with Jennifer brings out the creativity you never knew you had!! Her high energy and positive attitude make you feel good during, and after you leave her classes.”

— Debbie Sullivan, Marketing Director


“Jen is an artist I admire and a friend I’ve turned to that has guided me in art expression.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her comfortable free flowing classes.”

— Mina Hernandez, Caretaker

Browse Online Classes

Let's Paint Ellies - Live Zoom Class

Let's paint playful and colorful elephants TOGETHER via Zoom


In this 2-hour LIVE playful paint session, I'll be sharing some of my tools and techniques for painting elephants. We'll paint, play and visit together as we create our colorful happy elephants via Zoom and there will be plenty of time to ask questions and share inspiration throughout our time together.  

Pastel Painting

A Painterly Approach to Soft Pastel Portraits


In this pastel painting mini course, you'll gain a broader understanding of color theory as it relates to value, balance and temperature in your work while practicing fun techniques for creating pastel portraits that convey emotion and energy! 

Life Book 2023 

Learn from 30 amazing artists, spend a whole year with us, creating art, and learning how to grow, love and appreciate yourself! Classes begin January 1, but you can preorder now :)


How would you like to join 30 uniquely talented artists for a year of art and expressive activities that will not only help you develop your creative skills but will also help you connect to your creative intuition and to other like-minded, lovely humans through art. I hope you'll join us!

Pastel Play

A Joyful Exploration of Color, Texture & Light in Soft Pastel

Pastel Play Online Art Course with Jennifer Bonneteau

Our playful adventure begins with creating 4 small color studies as we get acquainted with our pastels and plan our palettes for out portrait. Next we will begin our portrait using a limited, neutral palette and slowly work our favorite colors into the painting, creating a dynamic work of art.  

Let's Face It! 2022

Silly Selfie with Jen in Pen and Ink

IMG_3071 2.heic

Let's Face It! is a fabulous 52-week course with lessons from 28 instructors from all over the world who teach using a variety of mediums. I've been fortunate to teach in Let's Face It for 4 years and I'm always mind-blown by the quality of art that both the instructors and students truly is a phenomenal, self-paced course.

Wonders of Watercolor

A Beautiful Journey though Watercolor and Portraiture 

Wonders of Watercolor Online Art Course with Jennifer Bonneteau Art

Come find your flow and create lovely portraits using traditional and modern watercolor techniques. Throughout the course, we'll paint 4 portraits as we experience the joy in both, the structure and spontaneity of this beautiful medium. 

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