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Compelled to Create

Hi! I'm Jen Bonneteau and I am obsessed with art and expression - pretty much in all its forms and fashions. Although my primary mode of creative expression is painting, I've dabbled in mosaic work, jewelry design, sculpting, weaving, sewing, singing, guitar and most recently ukulele playing. I. Love. It. ALL!

To be honest, writing is probably my most uncomfortable mode of personal expression, which is probably why I haven't sent out a newsletter or blog post in a really long time...ooopsie! In an effort to push through the discomfort I have around writing, I’m challenging myself to share some creative inspiration, tips, tools and other little goodies that I've found helpful in moving me through my creative processes, blocks, setbacks and successes.

I hope you find bits and pieces of these posts inspiring, entertaining, or encouraging in some form or fashion.

TIP: When I know I need to create but I'm not really "feeling it", I put out some of my favorite colors, crank the music and start painting to the rhythm to get some marks or colors down (anything really) just to try and get into the creative flow.

TOOL: ”Unsplash“ is a website that has oodles of images that are all copyright free. I often peruse photos here to find and download imagery that speaks to me and use for inspiration


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